‘A Tenth of a Century’ Out Now!

Sep 27, 2021

Sweden’s Concrete Gypsy Features Members of Mouth of Clay

Proving that the swampy, bluesy guitar grit found in the 70s rock era still comes alive through like shard glass, Swedish hard rockers Concrete Gypsy have wandered no more. “A Tenth Of A Century” out now via Jib Machine Records, solidifies the group’s balanced mix of originals and covers. In a focused, modern psychedelic arrangement, Concrete Gypsy’s take on The Animals’ epic “House of the Rising Sun” and The Jimi Hendrix Experience’s “Purple Haze”, lead guitarist and backing vocalist Hawkan Englund explores wider soundscapes and emotional pulls in his latest project. As Mouth of Clay has continued to mold the Hammond organ, pulsing bass guitars and smoky-hued guitars of the past, Concrete Gypsy takes the baton and exceeds the blues-rock sound. Concrete Gypsy is Englund, Jake E. Rich (vocals, guitar), Richard Rillo Hogmark (bass, Hammond, piano, Rhodes).

“A Tenth Of A Century” Track Listing

1. “Shine In The Dark”
2. “Holdin’ On”
3. “Comin’ Home”
4. “Stay Low”
5. “White Rabbit”
6. “Lied n’ Cheated”
7. “Eden”
8. “House of the Rising Sun”
9.  “Purple Haze”