Track Six Recording

A full service recording studio located in Cleveland, OH. Jib Machine has been working with Track Six for over 17 years.

13 Recordings

A music production company owned and operation by Jib President, John Templeman.

Akarma Records

An independent Italian rock reissue label, based in La Spezia, Italy. Jib Machine has distributed select titles from Akarma in the U.S.

Colossal Force Records

Newly revived metal imprint now exclusively distributed by Jib Machine.


A music distribution company that distributes music via vinyl record, CD, cassette and downloadable digital/streaming format. They currently distribute the majority of Jib Machine’s catalog.

D.S.I. Archives

A Washington D.C. based record label originating in the mid-80s and specializing in local punk and hardcore releases. Jib distributes select DSI titles.

Electrik Stick Records

EDM/Electronic/Ambient imprint under Jib Machine. It features original music as well as remixes of existing Jib Machine tracks.

Forge Adventure Brands

A lifestyle brand documenting the adventures, experiences and friendships built by lifelong altruism.

Poorly Packaged Products

Label founded by D.S.I. alum Sean in 1999. A bit of a vanity project, PPP has worked with The Blood (UK), Empire (Gen X alum), Foreign Legion (Wales), Back to Normal (Finland), Fleurdelix (Intercontinental), Suburban Crisis (Spencer of Krays), Bolzwerk (Germany) and more. Concentrates mostly on CD releases.

Reel Music

Owned and operated by Jib artist J.J. Farris, Reel is a leading supplier of bespoke music, re-imagined cover songs, sound design and SFX for motion picture advertising, television underscore, national & regional ad campaigns, films, video games and more.

Rogue Radio Podcast Network

Owned and operated by Jib artists Gwazi and Mike Onesko, RRPN currently features the shows Renegade Rock and Madcat.

Shroom Angel Records

Texas progressive and psychedelic rock label. Jib Machine has distributed select titles from Shroom Angel.

Twice As High Records

An independent, boutique vinyl only label based in Williamsburg, VA. Jib Machine distributes select titles from TAH.