Physical & Digital Distribution

Our artists receive high level domestic and international physical and digital distribution. We also act as a 3rd party distributor for select partner labels.

Music Marketing

Jib Machine creates custom marketing plans for each release based on format, the artist’s demographics, available budget, additional data points, etc.

Artist Consultation

Need advice on how to release an album? Copyright your music? Set up a Publishing Company? Ask about our consultation services.

Music Production

Jib Machine can assist you with producing a demo up to a ready for release professional recording. Ask about our partner studios.

Music Placement

Jib Machine and select partners are always looking for placement opportunities for our artists in TV, film, etc.

Product Duplication/Replication

Need assistance with getting CDs and cassettes made, pressing vinyl, etc.? We can offer high quality, retail ready products at a competitive and affordable cost.

Merchandise Creation & Sales

Interested in adding t-shirts, hats, stickers, buttons and more to your marketing mix then having a store to sell them through? We can help!