The Blindside Blues Band XVI Is Out Now On Jib Machine Records

Aug 31, 2023

Eight years and miles of grime and grit that goes along with being a troubadour has led to this – the Blindside Blues Band’s XVI, an 11-track barnburner produced by Mike Onesko and co-produced by Brandon Youngs. It goes without saying that XVI is a culmination of a seasoned blues band with 15 other studio albums under their belt; what’s left to be said is laid out between the grooves and sultry licks.

From the bright opener Shine On Through to the chasing Better Days and closer Broken Man, BBB offers diehard fans a heavy taste of the core sound that has carried the band since its 1993 self-titled debut. Never ones to not move the pendulum forward, XVI also adds enough sweat equity into a tight, present sound.

Track listing – 

Shine On Through
Stand Up
Da Blues
Take Me Home
Better Days
Take It Away
Message of The Ring
Love My Life
The Long Road
Love Blind
Broken Man